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Empowering the Gun Community: A Journey from KC Gun Trader to Show Me Guns



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In the heart of the United States, a fervent advocate for the 2nd amendment rights has been ceaselessly working to create a secure and inclusive platform for firearm enthusiasts. Show Me Guns, a manifestation of relentless dedication and passion, stands as a beacon for those seeking to exercise their rights responsibly. Our journey, intertwined with commitment and resilience, has seen the evolution from KC Gun Trader to Midwest Gun Trader, and finally, to the establishment of Show Me Guns.


A Legacy of Advocacy and Commitment: We, at Show Me Guns, are not just a platform; we are a legacy. Our founder, a respected FFL dealer, activist, public safety diver, and US Army veteran, has been at the forefront, fighting for the 2nd amendment rights for over two decades. Our roots are deeply embedded in the gun community, fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect among its members.


KC Gun Trader to Midwest Gun Trader: Our journey commenced with the inception of KC Gun Trader, a classified platform dedicated to firearms. It became a hub for enthusiasts to connect, trade, and share knowledge. However, the evolution did not stop there; KC Gun Trader transformed into Midwest Gun Trader, expanding its reach and influence. Unfortunately, the lack of commitment from the subsequent owners led to its shutdown, a turn of events that reignited our resolve to serve the community.


The Resurgence: Show Me Guns: Drawing inspiration from our founder’s old gun shop name in Lee’s Summit, we resurrected our mission with the launch of Show Me Guns. It is not merely a platform but a symbol of our unwavering commitment to public safety and responsible firearm ownership. We strive to provide a comprehensive and secure environment for trading, learning, and advocating for our rights.


Nate’s I.T.: Bridging Technology and Firearm Community: Our founder’s diverse expertise is not limited to firearms. Operating a renowned I.T. company, Nate’s I.T., in the Kansas City area, we have been servicing clients across the KC metro, integrating technology to enhance the firearm trading experience. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures a seamless and innovative experience for our users.


Educational Advocacy and Public Safety: We believe in the power of knowledge and responsible ownership. Our platform is a reservoir of information, offering insights, guidelines, and resources to educate our community. We actively promote safe practices, legal compliance, and ethical conduct, reinforcing the principles of public safety and individual responsibility.


Community Engagement and Activism: Our activism is fueled by a deep-seated belief in the 2nd amendment rights. We engage with the community, participate in dialogues, and advocate for policies that uphold our constitutional rights. Our efforts are directed towards fostering a balanced and informed discourse, contributing to the development of a resilient and aware gun community.


Conclusion: Show Me Guns is not just a name; it is a movement, a legacy, and a testament to our enduring commitment to the 2nd amendment rights. From the days of KC Gun Trader to the establishment of a dedicated platform, our journey has been marked by resilience, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to the gun community. We continue to empower, educate, and advocate, standing as a pillar of support and knowledge for all firearm enthusiasts.