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Support Our Mission: Keep Show Me Guns Running!


Dear Valued Users and Supporters,


We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out to our cherished community to discuss the ongoing journey and mission of Show Me Guns, a free firearms classified website. Our platform has been a haven for enthusiasts, providing a space where everyone can buy or sell firearms without any hassle. We are incredibly proud to have created a community where individuals can connect, share, and support each other in their passions.


However, maintaining and updating a website of this caliber involves substantial costs and a considerable amount of time. We are dedicated to keeping Show Me Guns free and accessible to all, but we need your support to continue our mission and keep the platform running smoothly.


Breakdown of Our Expenses:

  • Hosting: $67 per month
  • Security: $150 per year
  • Domains: $45 per year
  • Development Cost: Over $1000
  • Time: Invaluable


How Can You Help?


If Show Me Guns has assisted you in buying or selling firearms and you believe in our mission, we kindly ask you to consider making a donation. Whether it’s $1, $10, or any amount you can spare, every contribution makes a significant difference and brings us one step closer to sustaining our platform for years to come.


Why Donate?


Your generous donation will directly support the operational costs, including hosting, security, and domain expenses, ensuring the continuous availability and improvement of our platform. Moreover, your support will allow us to focus on implementing new features and updates, enhancing the user experience for everyone in the community.


How to Donate?


CLICK HERE to donate through my IT Service Nates IT and Computer Services


A Heartfelt Thank You


We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate, and that’s perfectly okay. Your presence and active participation in our community are equally valuable. For those who choose to contribute, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your generosity ensures that Show Me Guns remains a thriving, supportive, and free platform for all firearms enthusiasts.


Let’s continue to build and nurture a community where everyone feels welcome and where the exchange of knowledge, passion, and support flows freely. Together, we can keep Show Me Guns alive and flourishing for many more years to come.


Warm Regards,

Nathan Gammons 

816-868-8321 -

Founder, Show Me Guns, MidwetGunTrader, KCGunTrader